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Where to Place Your Bets in Mass

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Massachusetts is expected to legalize sports betting in 2020 and sportsbooks are already clamoring to get in on the action.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says that he is confident the state will legalize online sports betting by summer of 2020. Under the current framework being considered in the legislature, the state will license existing casinos in the state and allow some online-only operators like DraftKings and FanDuel to accept bets.

One platform that could potentially expand to Massachusetts is SugarHouse Casino and Sportsbook, which has gained a loyal user base in other states where sports betting has been legalized, like Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

SugarHouse is a popular casino and sportsbook based in Philadelphia that boasts 5 million sports betting options at any given time. Though Massachusetts is not currently expected to legalize online casino gaming, the SugarHouse sportsbook could be a big hit if it expands to the state.

SugarHouse Online Casino Sports Betting

SugarHouse claims to offer more than 5 million betting options at any given time. The platform offers traditional wagers, like point spread betting, moneylines, and point spreads, and parlays, as well as prop bets, which let you bet on a variety of events in any given game, and futures, which allow you to bet on longterm events like who will win the Super Bowl.

One of the best features of the SugarHouse sportsbook is its live in-game betting system, which allows you to bet in realtime on a plethora of in-game events based on odds that are constantly changing. MLB in-game betting allows you to bet on individual at-bats. NFL in-game betting allows you to bet on individual drives.

Another great feature is the live ticket option. This allows you to cash out at any time before the end of the event. So if you are losing, you can cash out and save some money based on the realtime odds. If you are winning, you can hedge your bets and ensure that the team won’t blow your winnings, albeit at a discount.

The sportsbook offers a stellar desktop client and mobile apps available on iOS and Android. The apps are lightweight, load quickly, and are easy to navigate.

The only real occasional drawback of SugarHouse’s platform is the “vig,” which is the fee that each sportsbook takes for facilitating a bet. SugarHouse vigs are not downright oppressive like some competitors but they are not as competitively priced as others like FanDuel.

SugarHouse Casino Review

It’s no surprise that SugarHouse has grown in popularity in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their software is extremely user friendly and works across all devices. The site also offers a large number of cashier options and strong customer support, which is available around the clock.

The number of available bets is no exaggeration. Click on any upcoming sporting event and you will see a long, long list of bets you can make for each game. Many NFL and MLB games feature dozens if not hundreds of possible bets.

The live in-game betting system is the real selling point. Live betting is increasingly popular and more sportsbooks are integrating it into their platforms but SugarHouse is at the front of the pack, offering dozens of in-game betting options that allow you to bet on individual possessions or at-bats. The live ticket option is also handy in certain situations, like when your team is up but losing momentum.

SugarHouse checks off a lot of boxes and there is a lot to like. The only question is whether it will expand from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to Massachusetts once sports betting is legalized.