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Online Slots in Massachusetts

Massachusetts gamers have been waiting for years to be able to play slots and they are finally getting their wish.

Thanks to the state’s 2011 gambling bill, three new casinos have opened, offering thousands of slot titles to choose from. Along with massive casino resorts at the Encore Boston Harbor and the MGM casino in Springfield, a slot parlor has opened at the Plainridge Park Casino and at least one more casino is in the works. Unfortunately, despite pushing to legalize online sports betting and daily fantasy sports, the state does not allow residents to play slot machines online.

That could soon change thanks to the opening of the brand new casinos and the sports betting bill that will allow those casinos to launch online platforms. For now, online gambling remains illegal in Massachusetts but some “social casinos” have found a way around the law to allow players to play their favorite games and win real money without running afoul of any restrictions.

Slots in Massachusetts

Online Slots Massachusetts

Though online slots remain outlawed in Massachusetts for the time being, social casinos use a “sweepstakes” model that effectively offers a way around the state restrictions.

You can sign up for these social casinos using Facebook. Social casinos offer play money games and games that you can play with “coins” that you can later redeem for cash. You can “buy” additional fake money and the casino will “gift” you coins that you can use to play slot machines online with each purchase.

Since you cannot deposit real money nor use it to play games, this model does not run afoul of state restrictions and allows anyone in the United States to play slots, blackjack, and roulette and win real money in the process.

It’s quite likely that Massachusetts will eventually join other states that have legalized both online sports betting and online casino gaming but, as evidenced by the delay in the rollout of the sports betting bill, lawmakers often take their sweet time before coming around.

How to Play Slot Machines Online

Slots are among the easiest casino game to play. There is little strategy involved and few moving parts to worry about. Simply select the number of paylines you want to play — or, better yet, select “Bet Max” — and spin the wheel. Slots come in a variety of themes and many have varying payouts for different combinations, so be sure to review the paytable for each one.

Slots are notorious for having low RTP rates, or return-to-player rates, which is the amount of money you can expect to win back over 1,000 spins. While games like blackjack have RTP rates close to 99%, many slot games have RTP rates around 90%, so they can be a real drain on the wallet. Progressive slots, where the jackpot continually increases among a number of machines, have even lower RTP rates with some games down around 85%.

Not all slot machines are created equal and it pays to research the RTP rates for any machine you want to play before you sit down. Some slot titles have RTP rates above 97%, which still isn’t as high as blackjack and other games but won’t drain your wallet nearly as quickly. Progressive slots can also become better investments. For every $100,000 added to the jackpot, the RTP increases by about 1%. This still leaves progressive slots as one of the biggest wallet drainers at any online casino but it does offer the chance at a massive jackpot for the price of a cup of coffee.